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January 20, 2012


Eugenia Fratzeskou, Dr. (Drawing the Invisible Project Founder, Director & Blog Creator/Editor. Guest Tutor: Drawing the Invisible 2011)

BA Fine Art, MA Fine Art, PhD Site Specific Digital Art

London-based artist, researcher, writer, editor, critic, educator (b. Athens, 1979). Pioneering types of site-specific art and drawing have been the outcomes of Eugenia’s research leadership of international interdisciplinary projects since 2000. Lecturing MA Architecture at University of Westminster and Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. Contributions include: Polypolis_Athens by SARCHA, at the British Council’s International Architecture & Design Showcase 2012, the official entry of Greece in the London Festival of Architecture, Cultural Olympiad 2012 (under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in London. SARCHA strategic partners: International Law and Theory Center, Westminster University, Urban Design MArch programme, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL), and the one that preceded it SARCHA’s Polypolis_Gerani 2012, with the Mayor of Athens in the role of the Polypolis Athens Mayor– Youth in Action EU program, Athens, Greece 9/6/2012 (under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens,Athina 9.84FM and the support of General Secretariat for Youth, National Youth Foundation, European Commission, Education & Culture), Urban Transcripts 2010: Athens (exhibitor) & Urban Transcripts 2011: Rome (workshop tutor, curatorial committee & project review committee member), Urban Transcripts 2012: London (Programme Committee & Jury Member), ISEA2010 Ruhr Conference, ISEA2011 Istanbul (Conference & Jury Member), ISEA2012 Albuquerque (Jury member), 53rd & 50th Venice Biennale, Leonardo ISAST/MIT, Digicult (Author & Editorial Board Member), Le Journal Spéciale Z (Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris/Bruil & van de Staaij), Unbuilt 2008 (Athens Byzantine & Christian Museum/SARCHA), AIAS, CADISE, CADE, AHRC Fine Art Collaborative Doctoral Training, Journal of Fine & Studio Art, work presented at Tate Britain, MARCEL, NY DigitalSalon, Marks in Space, 2004 (with L.Gillick etc.), TRACEY, Not-TV/UCL, Gallery K, Mall Galleries, ING, London. Awards of Excellence by the Greek Government and University of the Arts London. Selected memberships: SARCHA Associate, Architectural Humanities Research Association, Drawing Research Network. Recent monographs available from Amazon & other major booksellers worldwide. See short CV for more details. Contact:

Claudia Faraone, Dr. (Host Tutor:Drawing the Invisible 2011)

Architect – Urbanist, PhD Urban Studies

As an architect Claudia’s work has focused on the research of urban dynamics, their spaces and inhabitants, as well as on the ways to decode and represent them. She has participated in several workshops, and several collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects. She has worked as a teaching assistant in several urban planning courses and summer workshops at the Architecture Schools of Venice (IUAV), Rome (Roma Tre), at the Advanced Course in Visual Arts “Fragmented city” with the artist Marjetica Potrč as guest tutor. She was a jury member in the international open call for young video-art “Où va la video?” promoted by the Fondazione March per l’arte contemporanea (2009).

2. ASSOCIATES (Workshop Participants)

Gebriel Admassu Askabe (Polytecnico di Milano)

Gebriel was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1985. He completed his BA Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning at Mekelle University. Driven by the desire to enhance his ‘know-how’ on the built environment, he is now studying his MA in Architectural Engineering at Polytechnico Di Milano. In his working years, he has successfully participated in several design competitions and workshops, managed design projects and assisted supervisions. He has a desire in developing sustainable technological solutions for the present global issues to overcome the future. Above all, he believes in learning from others. His special interest lies in the way history, culture, art and the life of people affect the environment. He often asks questions, such as, “what influenced what?” and likes to address these issues in an abstract way.

Click here for profile

Aslihan Ay Güngör (Istanbul Technical University)
Sepideh Farjami (Polytecnico di Milano)

Kyriaki Goti  (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

 Kyriaki was born and grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has been studying architecture at the Polytechnic  School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 2008. She has participated in several workshops in Greece and abroad, in competitions of architecture, graphics and design and also in the organization of exhibitions and conferences that were related to these fields. She is interested in various kinds of art, such as, photography, drawing, painting, theatre and literature and she is researching the interaction they have with space. Another aspect she is trying to explore is how spatial digital programs can affect human life and vice versa.

Suraj Nandakumar (Polytecnico di Milano)

Suraj was born in the city of Bombay and raised by city of Mumbai, India. He completed his architecture training at Mumbai University. He is currently studying Urban Planning and Policy Design at Politecnico Di Milano. His interests are architecture journalism, urban planning, web strategy and lately diagramming and urban visualizations. He is a keen traveler, enjoys reading economics, political science, instrumental music and science fiction. He dreams to create democratic design platforms that will empower the designer in everybody.

Click here for personal Website and LinkedIn Profile

Zohreh Shaghaghian (Polytecnico di Milano)

Zohreh, so-called Shahrzad, was born and grew up in Iran. Getting her BSc in Architectural Design in her country at Shiraz University, she decided to develop her architectural studies abroad. She is currently studying on the second year of her Masters degree at Politecnico di Milano. She has participated in several local competitions and workshops. Together with her friend, they won the 13th rank at the international  competition “Open Architecture 2009 Classroom Design”.  Architecture from the urban point of view and social public spaces, is the theme she has been recently more interested in and has been challenging this subject as part of her MSc thesis.

Gregory Tsarouhas (Democretian University of Thrace)


Urban Transcripts

Roma Tre University

Urban Center Roma XI

Provincia di Roma

Municipio Roma XI

ESC Atelier


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