February 17, 2012

DRAWING THE INVISIBLE URBAN TRANSCRIPTS 2011 an article by Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou in Digimag Magazine (Issue 71, February 2012) for international Contemporary Digital Art & Culture, published by Digicult (Milan).

Click here for the Italian translation of the article.

You can visit the Digimag for the published articles. The articles are published in Italian at the beggining of each month and in English at the end of each month.


DIGICULT is an Italian platform created to spread digital art and culture worldwide. It focuses on the impact of new technologies and modern sciences on art design culture and contemporary society. DIGICULT is the editor of the magazine DIGIMAG which focuses on cultural and artistic issues e.g. art & science software art design etc.



Drawing the Invisible is also included in the Rome Diary Blog by Urban Transcripts 2011. The Blog contains experiences of Rome in text, image & video.

Our Blog is also featured in various international networks including Architectural Association School of Architecture (London), UCL, AHRA, SARCHA, Rhizome, Drawing Research Network & H-Net.


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