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September 10, 2012



Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou’s latest essay Diagramming Interstitiality is featured under the theme ‘Diagram’ in Le Journal Spéciale’Z No. 4. The Journal is published by the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris and distributed worldwide by the leading distributer Bruil & van de Staaij. The Journal is included in the ARCHIZINES world-touring exhibition.

The Journal explores architecture’s complex contemporary context. Each issue is
structured around four thematic questions critical to current debate on the
built environment, bringing together contributions by researchers and
practitioners – artists, architects and urbanists. Le Journal mediates the wider
cultural experiences that feed into the knowledge-culture of spatiality. Open
calls for submissions ensure a dialogue between emerging and established voices
with articles appearing in either English or French. Recent contributions
include writing by Claude Parent, CJ Lim, Odile Decq and Andri Gerber;
photographs by Matthieu Gafsou and Jing Quek; and projects by Palace, Angel
Cubero and the Office for Subversive Architecture.


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