ABC : MTL A Self-Portrait of Montréal

November 12, 2012

Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou’s work on interstitiality is part of the ABC : MTL A Self-Portrait of Montréal exhibition as an invited contributor (13 November 2012 – 31 March 2013, Main Galleries of the international research centre and museum The Canadian Centre for Architecture).
Please see the official press release on the ABC: MTL show below:

An Atlas. A Bricolage. A Compendium of different elements and strategies for understanding the city. ABC : MTL is an urban abecedary and open-source initiative that maps contemporary Montréal in a diversity of ways and media. Over 90 contributions including photography, music videos, sculptures and installations, drawings, models, workshops, lectures and performances have been selected from an ongoing call for submissions. These now form a lexicon of the CCA’s home city and a platform for its creative talent.

For example, under the headline Hyperbâtiment, the collective SYN have explored the subterranean city of downtown Montréal and filmed it as a megastructure in the heroic manner, worthy of mass investigation. Under the rubric Arrivals, photographers Arjuna Neuman and Ramak Fazel present a photographic record of their discoveries while incessantly scanning Montréal during their first encounter with the city. The Montréal-based collective Audiotopie have imagined Montréal as a musical composition. Their work will appear under the title Partition. Other contributors include FABG Architectes, Saucier + Perrotte Architectes, Atelier Big City and ATSA.

ABC : MTL is the third in a series of exhibitions at the CCA investigating the development of Montréal. Montréal Métropole, 1880-1930 (1998) examined the city’s emergence as a behemoth of trade and industry at the turn of the century. Montréal Thinks Big (2004) explored its infrastructural transformation during the 1960s to meet the demands of a new era. ABC : MTL addresses the city as it is today: not a historical artifact or a series of monumental structures, but a daily experience of almost limitless variety. Material from the CCA Collection will also be included.


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