Drawing the Invisible has been an ambitious project, as it involved complicated concepts and challenges expanding into an interdisciplinary research field.

Drawing the Invisible has enabled the creation of new drawing methods and tools that are of relevance not only to architectural design, but also, to other kinds of spatial practice and research.

Participants have developed their creativity, originality, problem-solving and professional skills through their collaborative work as a group.

The drawing methods that have been devised, are operative as they have enabled a critical and analytical mapping of the urban environment that has inspired and made realisable the development of highly rich and stimulating modes of ‘interpretation’ and ‘intervention’ into the city at a macro as well as a micro scale.

As the workshop unit has been realised in the midst of a developing national discourse and competition for regenerating and reprogramming certain of the sites visited, the outcomes of the workshop demonstrate an interesting potential with regards to enabling an interesting and distinct contribution to this field, in terms of design strategy, process and thinking, instead of simply offering a superficial negation of the existing conditions or attempting to uncritically beautify and make desirable the particular sites.

Drawing the Invisible has enabled participants to evaluate how their vision of and engagement with the city have changed, to position and evaluate their work both in terms of process and outcome, and most importantly, to carry forward the challenges and possibilities that arose through their participation in the workshop.

As stemming from the assessment of the outcomes during the participants’ Workshop Presentation at DipSU, as well as from participants and attendees’ interest and enthusiastic feedback during the Urban Transcripts 2011 Conference day at Urban Center Roma XI, the Drawing the Invisible outcomes have been of high quality and of promising potential for future expansion.

Drawing the Invisible is currently expanded further as an independent  initiative.


1. DRAWING the INVISIBLE: Workshop Presentation

2. A Panoramic Investigation Analysis by workshop participant Suraj Nandakumar



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